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Start a conversation.
‚ÄčNo more talking about the weather.

Conversation should be fresh and engaging, and not bore the listeners. We may have just the solution. 

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of our boardgame "Athangudi: Artisans of Chettinad", we're bringing out "Athangudi: Collector's Edition". A one-off, bespoke limited edition, which is the ultimate conversation starter. 

Ignite your guest's curiosity by introducing the topic of Athangudi tiles, and how they are handmade by artisans in Chettinad. Segue into how a boardgame has been created based on these tiles. Broach the topic of this Collector's Edition, where each tile has been painstakingly hand painted. Spend a moment to admire the craftsmanship of the teakwood box. 

Invite (or should we say challenge?) your guest to start playing the game and try to create beautiful patterns just like on a floor with Athangudi tiles.  What better way to enjoy company than to spend quality time together, and to come away with the satisfaction of creating something beautiful.  

The development of this Collector's Edition has taken about two months from conception to finish. We put a lot of thought into how we can best celebrate Athangudi tiles, and we came up with the idea of hand painted tiles. Each of these 101 tiles have been individually and painstakingly hand-painted by the talented Savita Iyer

The box has been made from teakwood, and it is sturdy, and heavy. We also wanted to try something different with the rules (the standard box comes with a printed paper rule book), and we thought of making it into a scroll, to fit in with the rest of the aesthetic of the box. To differentiate it from the standard box, we're also adding in the shorter "Rapid Athangudi" rules in this scroll. 

This is a box designed to be admired. Display it proudly where envious looks are guaranteed. And watch the conversation flow. 

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